Reforming Sneakerhead

I used to be super into Jordans and other kinds of sneakers, and would basically buy every new pair that came out. I even worked at a shoe store and justified my purchases with the 30% discount and the fact that lots of Retro Jordans appreciate in value.


On the left is my is a pic of my Jordan collection in its heyday (in terms of numbers. I’ve trimmed the herd a but still have lots of my favs).

And on the right is from when I got really into Nike SB’s for a bit.

But since I’ve grown up (a little) I’ve been regularly selling lots of my collection on eBay and to friends. For whatever reason Jordans don’t sell like they used to so I decided to stop being lazy with my eBay postings and started using a site I found on google, CrazyLister to step up my posts instead of just taking pics on my phone and listing stuff as quickly as possible.

So here are the results: The left is from my basic listing that I had posted a while ago, and the right is a theme I made on CrazyLister. Probably won’t make all the difference in the world but I figured I’d give it a shot for a bunch of my listings.

I can definitely stand to touch up some of my shoes and update the pics on a lot of listings, but I think the new layouts are an upgrade.


Here’s a bunch of pics from when I used to be all about buying fresh shoes with the gear to match and taking pics of all the new stuff that was going on sale before anyone else had a chance to see it.



Feel free to check out my listings here


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